About Liferoots Counselling

We’re ready when you are!

Our life's work is helping you create your life.

You will feel listened to and respected.

We are excited to meet you and get to know you. We know that the space we create—the one where you feel safe discussing your fears, anxieties, shame, insecurity, confusion, hopes and ambitions, and where we ensure your privacy, autonomy and boundaries are maintained—is a sacred space. It’s yours. And it is steeped in kindness and respect.

You can achieve your goals. You can feel more resolution and calm. You can recover from trauma, create new habits, and love yourself where you are at. You can have the kind of life and relationships that fulfil and inspire you.

You will be challenged, gently.

You are looking for a counsellor because talking things over with yourself isn’t producing the results you want. While you remain the expert on your feelings and your life experience, sometimes we all need someone to ask us the right questions, or give us new ideas to mull over. Sometimes we’re making things harder for ourselves than we need to, and it’s easier for someone who isn’t too close to us to see things we are missing.

If you want to let go of some baggage, or step up into your full potential, we have some tools that can help you fast-track your project. Are you excited? Because we are!

We’ll tailor our approach to you.

Our therapeutic approaches vary with each individual. We will work together to find a match between your own experiences, values, beliefs and the rich array of options at our fingertips, in order to achieve the greatest gains. Your priorities guide our time together and we will revisit your personal goals to make sure we stay right on track.

It is important to not feel stuck having a counsellor’s agenda thrust upon you. A thorough discovery process and active listening skills help us identify promising options for how to address your concerns, and we will proceed with the approach that makes the most sense to you.

Are you ready to start thriving?