Approaching mental health in the workplace

Our work is an important part of our lives and our wellbeing. It is a place where we can practice and apply our skills, and contribute to something bigger than ourselves, all while providing us with financial stability. Since our jobs are such a significant part of our lives, mental health troubles can have a profound impact on our ability to preform in the workplace. Problems with mental health may affect our ability to concentrate, learn, and make decisions, and despite being protected under Canadian law, we can fear disclosing our mental health status to an employer due to the unfortunate stigma that exists. Disclosing can enable us to work with employers and devise strategies or accommodations that may be needed. On the flip side, there is the potential for discrimination. Regardless of how much you disclose to your employer, mental health and mental illness can be treated and most people experience improvement in symptoms. It’s an excellent idea to take advantage of healthcare benefits, and explore the services that may support you.

This short article written by the Canadian Mental Health Association talks about mental health in the workplace, how it impacts us, and how you can address it. If you are concerned about how your mental health affects you in the workplace, I would be happy to talk with you about strategies you can use to boost your mental wellness in the workplace or discuss mental health with your employer, so you’re able to preform your best and get the most out of your job!

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