Common misconceptions about seeing a therapist and what therapy really does for you

A lot of people believe that therapy is only for those of us with serious problems, or think that therapy is essentially paying someone to listen you and be your friend. Truth is, neither of these are true! Therapy can be just as beneficial to someone with everyday problems as it is for someone experiencing crisis. And, while therapists are here to listen, we do much more than lend an ear. Unlike a friend, it is our job to give you our undivided attention, reserve judgement, and guide you to find the path that matches your values and goals. We do not bring our agenda to the table. Unfortunately, misconceptions about therapy may discourage someone from experiencing its benefits. Therapy may be disregarded because they don’t think it would help, or think their problem isn’t big enough to see a therapist. To help combat misinformation and ensure that we not turning down therapy because of a misunderstanding, here are 10 common misconceptions about seeing a therapist! If you think therapy could help you, I would be happy to set up a free 30 minute consultation so we can explore how you can benefit from therapy!

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