Discarding perfection for a more balanced life

Attaining work-life balance is difficult! Not only is it hard, but it may also require some redefining because we are not designed to be the best at everything we do. Humans tend to be generalists, but don’t be fooled, that’s a good thing! It means we are able to have a variety of things in our lives: a good job, a loving family, an enjoyable hobby… when we are the best at something it comes at the sacrifice of something else. A cheetah may be the fastest animal, but it would be absurd to expect them to very fast and have great endurance. Likewise, it is just as unrealistic to expect ourselves to be in peak fitness, have the perfect job, the perfect relationship, and be a master chef. This video explains why it is good to accept that we are not going to be the best at everything we do, because being a jack of all trades means we can enjoy a little bit of everything. Work-life balance is a common subject that comes up in discussions with my clients. If this is something that peaks your interest, and you are interested in scheduling a free 30-minute consultation, I would love to discuss how we can set realistic expectations about balancing your life.



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