Healthy alternatives to emotional eating.

We all have days where we feel down. Often on these days, comfort food appeals to us. We want to eat as a way to deal and manage our emotions. We tend to know the food fixes for our feelings. Going through a break-up? Eat some ice-cream. Feeling down? Eat some pasta, bread, or maybe some chips. Emotional eating is not an effective way to deal with our emotions.

Unfortunately eating some carbs is not going to make us feel better, and by subscribing to this idea as a society can be detrimental. It leaves a gap in our knowledge with how to actually deal with and regulate our emotions in a healthy way. This article talks about some of the ways we can start to move away from emotional eating, and how we can deal with negative emotions in a healthy way. The first (and arguably most important) step is to identify what we are feeling, and acknowledge to ourselves that it is normal to have these feelings. It is also okay to let ourselves experience these feelings! If we are having a bit of trouble getting started, that’s normal too! Introspection is not always intuitive. One thing that can help us get started is therapy.

Therapy can help us start to better understand our emotions, and in addition is provides us with the tools and skills we may require to deal with those emotions. If you are interested in learning more about therapy, and how it can help us manage emotional eating and guide us on the path to healthier emotional management, I would love to talk with you. LifeRoots offers a free 20-minute consultation so we can start talking about how we can work together and start recognizing the negative emotions in your life so you are able to manage and ultimately overcome these feelings!

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