How is your fear holding you back?

When facing concerns with something as personal and private as mental health, it is straight up intimidating to reach out and tell your story to someone else. However personal and unique-to-us our experiences with mental health may be, there are some common themes about why we find it so hard to ask for help. On of the chief reasons it’s so hard to reach out is our fear. From fear of rejection, the fear of being seen as weak, the fear of not being “perfect” –these are all common feelings that hold us back. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, but we stand to gain a lot when we do. This article goes over some of the reasons why we find it hard to ask for help, and what we stand to gain when we are able to.

Most importantly, when we start facing our fears we are able to move forward. When we are concerned about something, it tends to make us feel anxious and stressed. By addressing the problem, we are able to alleviate some of the stress, and focus our energy other things. If want to tackle the stress in you’re life, or are looking for a safe place to ask for help, LifeRoots is the right place to start your search. Together we can build your courage so you able to ask for the support you need and deserve.

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