How our past and present selves can be completely different

Our present selves are not the best at know what is best for our future selves. We often underestimate the power of time. When we reflect on our lives, it is easy for us to remember things that have happened in the past, but it is much more difficult to imagine what the future might bring. It may be hard to believe because people are so intelligent, imaginative, and creative, but the science shows that we often underestimate our ability to change and grow. This may be an important idea to keep in mind while we are experiencing and going through challenging, or new things in our lives. For example, when we are experiencing a time of grief in our lives it seems implausible to think that we will ever feel better. The road ahead may seem overwhelming, and we may think we will feel a certain way in the future too, but time changes us. As the saying goes, time heals all wounds. Our future selves are going to be vastly different than we could ever imagine – just think about the person you were 10 years ago. It is very likely that you have become a different person, and a different person than you ever thought you would be. In this video Dan Gilbert talks about our past and present selves, and why they are often so different.

Therapy understands that our past and present selves are going to be different. It teaches us how we can be our best selves in the present, and aids us in making decisions so we can steer our way to the people we want to become. If you are interested in therapy, how therapy can help you make decisions about your future, or how therapy can help you through a challenging time in your life, I would love to discuss this topic further with you! LifeRoots offers a complementary 20-minute consultation so we can start to discuss how therapy can be a positive guiding force in your life.


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