How to use exercise to achieve your best headspace

We all know exercise is good for our physical health, research is increasingly showing that exercise does amazing things for our brains too! Exercise can improve our mood, concentration, slow cognitive decline, and can be just as effective as medication or psychological treatment. However, this is not to say exercise can replace treatment! Medication, therapy, and exercise are most effective when used together. Whether we are looking to get the most out of our therapy, or just to improve our mental health, we might consider taking a walk or hitting that yoga class. This article looks at a few of the many of the cognitive benefits you may experience from exercise. If you would like to learn more about how exercise can help your mental wellbeing, I would be delighted to discuss this topic with you further in a free 30-minute consultation at LifeRoots Counselling Services in Edmonton, AB (Skype sessions are available if you are located outside of Edmonton).

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