How you can show respect to the introverts in your life

Do you know someone who needs a lot of convincing to get out of the house? Or maybe someone who enjoys spending a lot of time on their own? Yes? Then chances are you know an introvert! Introverts function a little differently from those who are more extroverted; they feel most energized when they are spending times by themselves. It is not that they don’t like seeing other people, but they find it draining if not balanced with some alone time to recharge themselves. For those of us who are extroverted, it can be challenging to understand the needs of our introverted friends. Here is a short blurb on some of the things you can do for the introverted person in your life. It can be as simple as taking the time to hangout one-on-one every now and then instead of going out. I promise they will appreciate it!

It’s not always easy to understand each other, especially when people have different needs than us (not just introverts vs. extroverts, but any difference). Sometimes we don’t think its necessary to voice what we need because “they should just know”. By taking the time to learn more about the needs of others, we also learn about ourselves and discover the things we need to make us happy, and realize some of the things we may need to voice more often. If you are interested in learning more about the things that improve your happiness, and how you can express those needs to others, I would be happy to work with you! Together we can discuss how you can help recognize and respect your needs and how to show effective caring for those who you care about.

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