Is hunger a mood?

Hunger is something that may be constantly on our minds. We always seem to be concerned with what, where, and when we are (or will) be eating. But you might be surprised to know the psychological side of hunger. Hunger, along with the body’s notification for needing food, is also a motivated state of mind. We often anticipate meals and feelings of hunger, and therefore at those times of day, we actually do feel hungry. Think back to the last time you missed a meal. At first chances are we were feeling ravenous at first. As the meal-time passed us by, and our minds wonder from the thought of food, we being to feel less hungry. That is not to say we should be skipping all our meals, but it is an interesting thing to keep in mind throughout the day as we are eating. Especially because one study found that most of the calories we eat come through snacks between meals, even though most people deny the amount of snacking they are doing!

It is also important that we are not depriving our bodies of its much-needed nutrition. When we do not eat enough, or enough of the right things (fruits and vegetables, protein, and even fat) our bodies are going to tell us they are hungry so they can get the nutrient they need. This article explains the hunger mood and how it influences the way we eat. If you are interested in learning more about nutrition and a healthy diet, please consider consulting with a dietician. Life Roots offers dietician services and counselling services (with a body positive approach) so we can better help you build a happy and healthy relationship with food!

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