Leaving unhealthy realtionships

Silhouette of a young mother lovingly holding hands with her happy little child while holding his baby brother outside in front of a sunset in the sky.

Leaving an unhealthy relationship is not always easy, even in the best of times. There may be many different reasons we feel unable (or don’t want to) leave a relationship. We may be in a position where we rely on this person for support, they may be our children’s mother/father, or we may even think that things will get better. These are all valid things to feel! When we are in a situation where we want to leave an unhealthy relationship, and we feel unable to, what do we do then? This blog posts talks about some of the challenges and approaches we can use when leaving an unhealthy relationship. One important point is using the help we have available to us! Whether it is our family, friends, therapist, or community it is always good to have someone to lean on for support if we need it. These people can help us with any resources we may be missing when we are trying to leave a relationship. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little help.

If you are need support through leaving an unhealthy relationship, or would like to learn more about unhealthy relationships, I would love to make an appointment with you. I am offering free 20-minute consultation so we can start to discuss how therapy can help you through this time in your life.


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