The importance of talking about suicide

Suicide is not an easy subject however, it is important that we talk about it. For anyone having thoughts of suicide, asking for help can be very challenging, especially when there is an unfortunate negative stigma attached. Suicidal feelings are things many people face in their lives, and by talking about it we are able to encourage and normalize people seeking help, and we are able to make sure people know that these feelings are not permanent. These are feelings that can be treated! In this video Sergeant Kevin Briggs talks about his time patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge – a popular site for suicide attempts. He provides a wonderfully engaging speech about suicide and what we can do for ourselves (or the people in our lives) that are contemplating suicide.

If you are having struggling with thoughts of suicide please seek help! This website has many great links you use. LifeRoots also offers a free 20-minute consultation so we can discuss what therapy might be able to do for you to address depression and suicidal thoughts.

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