The importance of talking about suicide

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Suicide can be difficult to talk about, and scary to bring up if it’s something you’re not sure how to approach! Even though it is hard to talk about, it’s important we do because knowing the signs & symptoms and what to do, can help us prevent it and keep our loved ones safe. There are many misconceptions out there surrounding suicide. For example, some worry that asking someone whether they are thinking about suicide will actually plant the idea in that person’s head, and put their loved one at greater risk. This is simply not true! Asking about suicide actually tends to increase a sense of safety, because you give a sign that this is something you are comfortable talking about if they need help. Also, suicide does not stem from a desire to end our lives. Rather, it comes from a place of great emotional pain and suffering, making it difficult to see how we could get better. This is why is so important to educate others and ourselves about what can be done; knowing may save a life! I encourage you to take a moment and read this article and learn the signs, symptoms, and what you can do. If you are concerned about suicidal thoughts, I would love to arrange a free consultation and discuss the best way for you to increase your confidence in staying safe. Skype sessions are available if you are not in the Edmonton area or if you feel more comfortable with a meeting that is not face-to-face.

If you are currently experiencing thoughts of suicide please contact your nearest suicide crisis centre.

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