The inevitability of outgrowing your inner pessimist when you turn to mindfulness

For some of us, our brains are natural pessimists; we are tuned to filter, interpret, and perceive the world to notice what might happen, and protect us from feared outcomes. Depending how active our natural ability to do this, we might feel like we are on guard and ready to defend ourselves from danger a lot of the time. This quality likely evolved for a good reason… to keep us safe (think- cougar chasing us…if we feel laid back about that… we become dinner)! While this is all great from an evolutionary standpoint, most of us do not exist in physical danger most of the day. However, we may feel fear and anxiety when our brain interprets social cues and intricacies as quite threatening. The article looks at why we (unintentionally) tend to focus on the negative. That said, we are certainly not destined to be pessimists our entire lives. In fact, with a bit of mindfulness and practice, we can become better at focusing on the positive versus the negative. I often work with clients to help them examine the way they think, and learn to observe their thoughts objectively. If this is something you would be interested in, I would be thrilled to discuss how we might work together to accomplish this in your life!

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