Tired of sleeping pills? Other methods to help you get a good night sleep!

Silhouette of a young mother lovingly holding hands with her happy little child while holding his baby brother outside in front of a sunset in the sky.

Falling asleep is a nightly battle for some. Waking up groggy after a night of tossing and turning is something nobody wants, but sleeping pills may not be for everyone. These drugs can be addictive and may cause unwanted side effects. There are of course non-medicinal tips and tricks to falling asleep like avoiding electronic screens before bed, and reducing your caffeine intake, but is there something more substantial? This article looks at Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as another method proven to help you sleep. If you are having difficulties sleeping and looking for an alternative, I would be happy to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with you to discuss how you can get a better sleep.


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