Using compassion to combat self-criticism

It’s all too easy to be self-critical. We are continuously bombarded with images from advertisements and social media, which make it easy to compare ourselves to the billions of other people in the world. However, comparing ourselves to others and being self-critical can be dangerous and detrimental to out mental health. We get so good at telling ourselves off for our failures that we may start to believe the things we think. We might start to believe we are failures, that we need to work harder, and it can cause us to feel depressed and harbor self-criticism. Depression and self-criticism are serious barriers to a good and healthy life –and this is why it important to practice self-compassion with ourselves. Self-compassion is a form of self-care that helps us correct our negative self-accusations, helps us remind ourselves that we do not need to take responsibility for everything that happens (be it good or bad), and that our self-worth is not based solely off our achievements! This video wonderfully articulates the importance of practicing self-compassion and the benefits it can bring us. If self-criticism is something you are struggling with, and would like to set up a free 20-minute consultation, I would be happy to discuss strategies you can use to start practicing self-compassion and help build confidence and resilience in your life.

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