Why being single can be a rewarding experience

None of us want to be alone. It is human of us to seek companionship, intimacy, and love in our lives. Being in a relationship can be emotionally rewarding, and comforting –but being single is a good thing too! Along with the traditional benefits the media suggests mainly, the freedom to go and do the things we want, there are many other benefits that go above and beyond the ability to make our own decisions. For example, being single helps us learn how to set boundaries. By having a space where we do not have an intimate partner, we are able to think about the ways we do, and do not want to be treated by other people. It can help us better understand what we do want from our romantic relationships, what we value, and how we can seek that in our relationship(s). Approaching relationships with healthy, pre-set boundaries may help us get the most out of our relationships. This article talks about some of the reasons that being single can be an empowering and rewarding experience.

This article only touches on some of the benefits that single-hood can provide us. If you would like to learn more about this topic, I would be glad to speak with you more on the subject. Lets talk about how you can make a time of being single a time of growth and renewal!


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