Why it is so important to practice good emotional hygiene

We tend to value our physical health over our mental health, by no fault of our own! From a young age are taught how to take care of our bodies – from brushing our teeth to keep them clean, to putting a Band-Aid on our cuts and scrapes. Unfortunately, we are much less familiar with how to maintain our emotional health (a.k.a. good emotional hygiene).

Just like physical injuries, psychological injuries like rejection, and failure get worse if we ignore them. In this TED Talk, Guy Winch argues in favour of practicing emotional hygiene. In order to help our emotional injuries heal we need to practice good emotional hygiene, and treat our minds with the same care as we do our bodies. Practices like not being too hard on ourselves, trying to treat ourselves the way we would treat our best friend: with understanding and compassion.

By practicing good emotional hygiene we won’t just heal – we will be able to build emotional resistance! If you are interested in emotional hygiene and how to practice it, I would be glad to arrange a 20-minute consultation free of charge, so we can discuss how you can start practicing good emotional hygiene and build emotional resistance in your life.


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