Flexible counselling options for diverse people with diverse needs.

Using your wisdom

You know best. Counselling may offer knowledge, insight and ideas. However, building an awareness and appreciation of your own inner wisdom, is also essential.

Building compassion

It’s easy to feel compassion for a child or dear friend who is in pain, but it is often much harder to show ourselves compassion. I’ll help you increase feelings of gentleness and self-love.


Finding solutions

Counselling need not hold focus on flaws. It can be about recognizing what is going well. We will focus on increasing and amplifying that positive energy within your life!


Identifying strengths

You have strengths and resiliency to help you through difficult times. You show an enormous amount of strength by seeking out experiences of healing and self development.


Rewriting your story

You define yourself by your life experiences and stories. Retelling and interpreting these stories in new ways can spark positive changes, inner growth and healing.


Reading emotions

Emotions sometimes get a bad reputation. Difficult to experience, they still can guide you toward living a fulfilling life. We can safely explore emotions at a pace that is comfortable.

Individual counselling for adults & teens

Individual counselling can address:

  • generalized anxiety, social anxiety
  • depression, lack of motivation
  • development of self, self-esteem
  • boundaries, trauma
  • parenting
  • relationship concerns, domestic abuse
  • emotional distress, anger
  • eating disorders, body image

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