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We understand that reaching out for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Many of our therapists keenly remember being in your shoes. We are excited to honour your drive and readiness to better yourself, by making this process as simple and positive for you as we possibly can!

If you are in crisis and in immediate need of support, please visit our list of resources.

Our Therapist Match filters enable you to sort LifeRoots therapists based on area of concern, availability, therapy type, budget per session and more. When you find a therapist who matches your specifications, you can select either a free 20-minute consultation or your first counselling session, to book online today!

To get the most out of our Therapist Match filters, check out our tips below!

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Found a therapist that caught your eye? It’s easy to book online to get started with a free 20-minute consultation or your first counselling session!

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    Tips for Using our Therapy Match Filters

    Having trouble finding a match that meets your specifications?
    Sometimes if you consider adding additional availability or adjust your budget, you may find a match pop up. Also, feel free to send us an email with your preferences, and we will see what other options we may have up our sleeve for you! Even if we aren’t don’t have a therapist who suits you, we would be honoured to help you find someone who can!

    Not sure what Therapy Approach you want?
    Feel free to leave this area blank, and your therapist will explore options with you at your first session. The majority of our clients have no explicit preference for therapy type when they start counselling. You can always simply show up with your story, experiences, and a willingness to learn and grow with us. We’ll figure this out together!

    Have a tight budget and struggling to find an appropriate fit?
    We realize that our clients have a range in terms of level of access to benefits and ability to afford full-rate sessions. It’s important to us that you’re able to sustain the cost of your counselling, so we like to ask about this right at the start, so there are no surprises. Our Therapist Match filters let you sort therapists based on budget per session, so you can select a therapist who will be affordable for you. Sometimes clients also consider coming in bi-weekly, to increase their per-session budget. It can be helpful to take into consideration that many clients prefer to come more often at the start (usually once a week), an initial investment that can at times be offset by their benefit coverage. As you gain momentum and confidence within your areas of focus, along your counselling journey, you may decide to spread your sessions out to bi-weekly, monthly, or as-needed, depending on what works for you!