Healthy Boundaries Create Healthy Relationships

Join us in making 2019 be the year of connection!

Perpetually relevant, healthy boundaries are the fertile ground that bring forth deep, fulfilling intimate connections in our lives. We are offering our 3rd round of our Women’s Healthy Boundaries & Relationships group starting in January 2019.

This may be the perfect fit for amping up your relationship satisfaction if you:

  • Feel guilty carving out time for yourself. Do you struggle to find time for those hobbies and other activities that make you feel light and cheerful? Many women who struggle with boundary setting feel like it’s been years since they felt comfortable taking space to enjoy other aspects of themselves.
  • Struggle to say “No”, especially to those closest to you. Every time you neglect to voice your “No”, you are missing a precious opportunity to say “Yes” to yourself. While this is easy to understand logically, you may still find yourself swallowing your “no” day after day, in order to avoid conflict. You may feel like you need to choose, and find it hard to strike a comfortable balance between you needs and the needs of others.
  • Prioritize satisfying or take care of others. You may feel like your value in a relationship hinges upon what you can give to others. Or you may find that it’s hard to trust others to come through for you.
  • Feel unsupported and burnt out. You may have feelings of resentment, anger or sadness, and feel like people in your life are not understanding or emotionally available.

Why a group?

You get the benefit of learning and growing alongside a group of women who are as committed to personal growth and exploration as you are. With more real-life stories, wisdom and a community of supportive women rallied with you, you are placing yourself in a prime position for your new boundary skills to really take off!

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There is so much to gain through exploring healthy boundaries. You may:

  • Gain insight into your own boundary style, as you recognize and release outdated ideas around boundary setting. You will develop an understanding of how this is currently impacting your connections with others, and use this insight to bring your approach more in line with your personal values.
  • Feel empowered. You may enjoy a sense of purpose as you create your own personal mission statement for relationships in your life, and grow your confidence in noticing and navigating instances when you may be wandering off track.
  • Expand your knowledge of an array of potential boundaries at your disposal.
  • Build deeper connections. Experience more pleasure, enjoyment of intimacy and fulfilling connections in your life, both with others and with yourself.
  • Shift your focus toward building close, positive connections in your life, and away from ruminating thoughts on connections that are less nurturing to you.
  • Feel refreshed. Healthy boundaries invite a sense of space and freedom into our lives. You may start feeling more ease in carving out personal time to nurture yourself. You may feel as though there is more time in the day, more energy and notice that you tend to strike a balance rather than feeling forced to choose.

As you can probably sense, healthy boundaries have the potential to impact the quality of every relationship in our lives. Rather than keeping others out, healthy boundaries effectively communicate a deep trust and respect for others. As we claim our voice, we pave the way for others to appreciate how to best care for us, and we gain the opportunity to start enjoying more satisfying connections.

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