Thrive Girls Workshop

A group designed specifically for tween girls aged 9 to 12

Don’t have time for an ongoing class? During our 5-hour THRIVE workshop, girls aged 9 to 12 learn about boundaries, confidence, healthy relationships, self-compassion, and mindfulness, while engaging in fun activities together.

In this workshop, your tween will:

  • Learn about healthy boundaries and consent
  • Understand how relationships develop and evolve amongst peers and families
  • Develop an appreciation of self-worth and increase self-confidence
  • Learn self-compassion strategies to apply during difficult times
  • Develop mindfulness skills, bringing awareness to mind and body

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Tween years can be tough! While navigating new expectations and pressures, young girls are also developing their own sense of self and worth. Foundations of self-kindness, confidence, and happiness support girls in managing increasing responsibilities, navigating relationships, and unravelling the variety of messages they encounter about being a girl.

In our workshop, LifeRoots therapists work with girls to support them in developing skills that enhance a healthy view of self. In our relaxed, fun, and supportive environment, girls gain a sense of purpose by building insight into their personal goals, learn how to make healthy decisions, and gain confidence in managing new pressures and expectations.

Saturday, March 9th
10 am to 3 pm

Ages 9 to 12. Space is limited.


Cost: $200. May be covered by your benefits.

Seats are limited, sign up now.

All information is kept secure and confidential.