Nutrition Counselling

Ready? Set. Go!

Seeking confidence and skills to create healthier food choices? We’ve put together this juicy package to give you a solid foundation and get you headed in the right direction:

  • a complete nutritional assessment, including your medical history, nutritional history, current nutrition/ supplement intake and social history
  • Review of your specific nutritional concerns and goals
  • Analysis of body measurements & assessment of current health risks
  • A customized meal plan based on your preferences and personal routine
  • Two 30-minute follow-up sessions, where we collaborate to further advance your goals
  • By bundling these services into a package deal, we are able to offer you all this for only $500!

Our Class Menu:

Kick-Start Session

Experience the refreshing perspective you will gain when you collaborate with Brayln to address your nutritional concerns and hopes in a non-judgemental, professional atmosphere. You will complete a nutritional assessment of diet history and current intake of micronutrients and macronutrients. From there, Braylin will prepare customized healthy food and recipe recommendations based on your individualized goals, preferences and routine.

Power of Portions

Ever find yourself wondering: “Am I getting enough water throughout the day? Am I eating too many carbs? How much protein do I actually need?” There’s so much information out there in the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at where to start!

During this 1-hour presentation, Brayln will help you gain confidence in assessing your daily requirements. You will gain an understanding of healthy food portions and learn how much we actually need to sustain our bodies each day. We also put into perspective and challenge some common misconceptions about serving sizes. Information is empowering to help you make healthy choices!

You Are What You Eat

Learn how to really read food labels during this eye-opening presentation. In 1 hour, we show you how much you are consuming when you eat packaged or fast food products, and compare this to your actual nutritional requirements. 3D models will visually show you the amount of sugar, fat and salt in commonly eaten foods, to really put things into perspective. Unforgettable!

Making Balanced Lunches

Would you like to learn how to prepare healthy meals that fit both your budget and your busy schedule? In this 45-minute presentation, Brayln will walk  you through a breakdown of suggested meals that will do just that! Food models will visually facilitate your understanding of what a balanced lunch may look like, to further aid in your understanding and ease in translating these learnings into action in your life.

Workplace Wellness

When we do not consume a balanced meal we can feel sluggish and unmotivated, but by improving eating habits, your employees can be more productive throughout the day! Involve your employees in an interactive and informative presentation on healthy eating. This 1-hour presentation is suitable for adults and teens, and is designed to offer real-world strategies help improve daily eating habits.

Food Safety

This 30-minute presentation was developed to keep your customers safe from foodborne illness. You will acquire knowledge on how to prepare meals in a safe environment, while learning proper handling techniques and correct temperature values. Suitable for employees in restaurants, food trucks, daycares or food stands, our presentation will increase your confidence that food is prepared in a clean, safe environment.

Custom Class

Not sure that you see what you’re looking for? That’s OK! Shoot us an email and we will contact you to schedule a free 20-minute consultation about how we can be of support to you. We are always here to help!

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