Online Counselling

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Why We’re Excited about Online Counselling!

Online counselling enables many of our clients to access valuable support that they may otherwise not be able to find in their local area. For many, driving to the nearest community to access support is difficult to sustain due to long commute times, challenges with finding childcare, and potential scheduling conflicts. Online counselling is helping to remove these barriers to accessing support, and we’re excited about being able to offer this to our clients throughout Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories (NWT).

Greater Selection Through Online Counselling

Even when a therapist is available in your area, you may have an increased chance of finding a therapist with relevant areas of expertise (eg. are you looking for someone with experience with navigating relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, etc.) by considering what is available to you through online counselling. You may also find you have an option to meet with a therapist who you just “click” with a bit better, if you’re noticing limited options in your area. We understand that the fit that you have with your therapist is such an important variable in what you’ll take away from the experience. Plus, we tend to do our best work, as therapists, when we’re working with clients who match well with our areas of experience.

Curious to Learn More?

If online counselling is an option you’d like to explore, you may schedule a free 20-minute consultation, where a therapist will share more about their approach to counselling when working in areas of interest to you. During the consultation, you can explore whether online counselling may be appropriate for you. We would be honoured to support you making a decision that’s right for your healing and growing journey, whatever that looks like. If you’re ready to give this a try, you can also go right ahead and book your first appointment.

We ask that clients who have a safety concern (for instance, thoughts of suicide or potential domestic abuse) please schedule a consultation prior to booking their first appointment, so we can properly assess fit of services.