Polyamory and LGBTQ+ Friendly

For individuals who engage in non-traditional relationship styles, it may be important to consider seeking out a therapist who is informed, unbiased and will not over-emphasize the relevance of your preferred relationship style over other potential focuses for your counselling.

Here at LifeRoots, we are excited to explore and understand your relationship style, and how this relates to your hopes for your counselling journey. We welcome individuals who engage in a monogamous relationship style, those who prefer polyamory or ethical non-monogamy, and those who are exploring new ways of relating, such as relationship anarchy. The focus is on building awareness of your innate wisdom of what works best for you within your relationships, and your hopes will always steer the focus of your sessions. Our therapists are aware of the importance of challenging our own assumptions around how we engage in relationships, and strive to understand your unique values and beliefs, at every turn.

Poly-friendly counselling can support you to:

  • Identify and communicate your needs within your relationship(s), such as your personal boundaries, needs and desires
  • Navigate and address conflicting needs
  • Identify and build insight into current patterns and dynamics, and making shifts where desired
  • Resolve conflicts, misunderstandings and release resentment
  • Feel seen and heard within your relationship(s)
  • Explore how your personal assumptions, as well as societal expectations, play into your relationship dynamics
  • Let go of shame and fear of judgement from others
  • Build an awareness and excitement for revealing your desires
  • Navigate power dynamics

We welcome all LGBTQ+ clients!

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