Thinking of Polyamory?

Poly, Non-Monogamy and Beyond!

Think of almost any Hollywood movie emphasizing love. Two people meet, fall in love and live happily-ever-after. The familiar dream is monogamy. Yet, for many, monogamy doesn’t quite fit.

If you have felt multiple romantic/ close attractions or feel curious about expressing your love differently, perhaps sharing it with more than one close partner, you’re not alone. Many people explore additional paths beyond monogamy as they develop close connections—at times connecting with more than one partner within a poly dynamic.

Polyamory means many loves and refers to having or wanting more than one partner. The term has Greek roots—poly means many, and Latin roots where amor means love. Some consider polyamory to be a subset of Ethical Non-monogamy (ENM), where all partners are aware that additional partners may be or are currently involved, and all partners are comfortable with this arrangement.

At LifeRoots, we are passionate about working with clients who are intentionally exploring themselves within a range of relationship styles, ranging from polyamory, including variations from closed triads/quads, etc. to solo poly, ethical non-monogamy, monogamy, and relationship anarchy.

Accessing Support while Navigating Relationships

You may value meeting with a therapist who is well-versed in alternative relationship dynamics because you would like to actively strengthen your confidence while navigating a new or existing poly relationship. While it can be valuable for anyone to receive support when it comes to navigating any relationship, engaging in a poly relationship can be complex—there are additional desires to weigh with care, and more schedules to juggle. Or, you may already be comfortably engaging within your preferred relationship style. You may simply prefer to work with a therapist who is open-minded and accepting of your explorations. In any case, folx exploring polyamorous relationships, even after many years may, at any time, realize that they would appreciate additional guidance and support.

You may notice you’re interested in having a space to talk about points of excitement, curiosity, confusion you’ve experienced. You may find you want to talk about dynamics you’re curious about sharing with current or potential partners. You may want to learn about ways to initiate and pace conversations with warmth and care, as you bring in topics of importance to you. You may yearn to feel heard, and meet yourself in new situations.

This is where we come in!

Counselling provides a space for feeling, processing and growth to happen.

Exploring new approaches to connecting can, at times, bring up powerful emotions. As you explore your deepest values and desires, you may find yourself in a strategic time to engage in supportive therapy. In meeting with a poly therapist, you’ll get acquainted with having supportive a space to talk about their perspectives, emotions and desires. Engaging in poly relationships also naturally provides additional perspectives and opportunities to integrate and grow each day, as you share caring experiences together.

Through growth and change, a poly-friendly counsellor can work with you to strengthen lines of communication and understanding. We help clients strengthen their confidence in attentively giving/ receiving care, while they navigating the waves of fear, insecurity or jealousy that may naturally arise through connecting deeply with others. We also explore options with clients on how to effectively express emotion and desires to partner/s, and how to ease into moments of enjoyment as they open up within close connections.

Featured Therapist

Karen Aloisio, a student counsellor at LifeRoots Counselling, works with folx who are looking support from a poly-friendly counsellor. She has an interest in working with clients who are just beginning their journeys into exploring polyamory, as well as those interested in enriching their existing poly connections.

Karen offers online sessions at a fraction of the cost—$60 for individuals or $80 for partners, with appointment openings as early as this week. Karen offers video sessions to clients throughout Alberta, and offers free 20-minute phone consultations!

Interested to connect with Karen?

Send her a message or book either a consultation or your first session to get started!