Lindi Laursen-Williams

Anxiety – Depression – Self Esteem

Lindi Laursen-Williams
Practicum Student
Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta, Currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University

Together, therapy will be a collaborative process of feeling our way into your world, so that you can begin to understand what is attempting to express itself in you. What is not yet consciously known to us can be met with curiosity and empathy, so that we can begin to integrate all parts of ourselves, where every part belongs. With increased awareness, we can make concrete shifts in our relationship to inner and outer conflicts, and gain insight into a compassionate and meaningful way forward. My goal is to create a safe and accepting container for you to explore the full spectrum of your humanity, and begin to discover new possibilities of being.

I take an integrated approach that emphasizes self-reflection and self-advocacy skills, to support clients in feeding the flame of their own life, while cultivating more satisfying relationships with others. I enjoy supporting people of all genders in distilling their values from patriarchal ones, and reorienting to the problem of patriarchy with courage and integrity. I enjoy supporting parents in practicing connected caregiving with their children, and equally, with themselves. I have worked with families, youth and children with disabilities for ten years, and I am passionate about supporting neurodiverse individuals in reclaiming the narrative of their lives. I believe that understanding processes of storytelling are central to understanding ourselves and others in the context of the storied world we inhabit.

For those interested, I also work with dreams, art, writing and active imagination from a Jungian perspective. When we are confined by our problems, we can often find freedom in imagination. The unconscious provides us with imaginal experiences: images, figures, metaphors, and sometimes even physical sensations that speak to us and that can move us in the direction of our most deeply held values. Through relationship with the unconscious, we can learn to be with what is, set realistic and loving goals for ourselves, and grow more enlivened from a foundation that is deeply rooted.

It is a great privilege to bear witness to the inner world of my clients, and I would be honoured to undertake this process of discovery with you. Please send me a quick message if you’d like to take me up on a complimentary 20-minute consultation to chat about what it could look like for us to work together!

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