Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) says every problem is a result of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Each of these domains affects the other two! This means, what you’re thinking and doing influences your mood, but also your mood affects thoughts and actions. With CBT, we have three different paths through which we can address your issue: how you’re thinking, feeling, or behaving.

Therapy Methods

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Lindsay Redman, MEd

Maybe you struggle with anxiety? When you walk into a room of new people your first THOUGHT might be “I don’t belong here,” while your FEELINGS of anxiety sky-rocket and you feel your face start to flush. Finally, your BEHAVIOR is to avoid conversations and leave the event early

Maybe you have depression. When you didn’t get a recent job interview did you THINK “I’ve completely failed in my career?” Did FEELINGS of worthlessness and guilt take over, or did your BEHAVIOR result in comfort foods instead of healthy recovery?

Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, procrastination, obsessive thoughts, or relationship conflicts, CBT can help break down an overwhelming problem into small, achievable steps. If you like practical goals and clear tools, we can use CBT to challenge the persistent thoughts and moods you’ve been experiencing. Then we can work towards THINKING, FEELING, and DOING the things you’re passionate about.

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