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You’re ready.


You’re already starting to notice a shift in yourself.

Things that were once uncomfortable—yet tolerable—are becoming harder to stomach.

You’ve been feeling more sad, lonely, irritable or angry, lately.

Perhaps there’s beauty and connection starting to bloom in your life. Joy emerging as you acknowledge that you now have space to slow down and savour this beautiful time you’ve found yourself in.

You may be yearning to grow more ease, more consistent contentment and more calm.

It’s points precisely like *this* from which we help clients connect, distill purpose from pain, and feel more deeply rooted as they begin to author a new chapter of their story.


Looking to invest in yourself, your relationships, and your future—with skilled support at your side?

Enjoy our easy Therapist Match process.

Keen to meet you where you’re at—and be by your side as you begin to engage with life on your terms—at LifeRoots we’re excited to honour your drive and readiness to better yourself with tools that make getting started simple.

Join Forces with a Skilled Therapist

1. Select a therapist to connect with.

Our handy Therapist Match filters enables you to quickly identify therapists well-suited to work with you, filtering for therapists with experience and areas of passion that align with your growth edges, rates that fit your budget, screening for compatible availability, and more!

2. Book an appointment to get started.

Once you find a therapist in who meets your specifications, select either a complimentary 20-minute consultation or—for those who are eager and ready to embark—simply go ahead and reserve your first counselling session.

Let’s meet—and grow from there.

Invite an attentive therapist to join you, as you discover and engage with new possibilities. We find joy in witnessing our clients realize new ways to invite connection into their lives—whether you’re ready to nurture a deeper connection within yourself, with those you love and within your community, or if you’re looking to delve into topics you’re passionate about, we’re here to bring focus to your path forward.

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