breathe in.


available in Edmonton & online across Alberta

Experience therapy that fits.

You’re ready.


Awareness provides powerful opportunities for change.

You’re ready to explore ways to take the edge off, shake off stale patterns, slow down and savour life, allow space for beauty and connection to blossom, and cherish more moments of ease, secure connection and meaningful outlets.

Stepping forward with you from these poignant points, distilling purpose, feeling clear through the muck and beauty of life, finding tools and inspiration as you author new chapters of your story— that’s exactly what we’re here for.

You want satisfying connection

within your relationships,

your life and yourself.

Let’s meet—and grow from here.

Invite an attentive therapist to join you, as you discover and engage with new possibilities. We find joy in witnessing our clients realize new ways of inviting connection into their lives—be that nurturing a deeper connection within yourself and your body, with those you love and within your community, or the topics and areas of passion that most matter to you.

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