Invest in yourself, your relationships, and your future— with skilled support.

What is the missing piece of the puzzle that you need to feel joy?

Perhaps you have a relationship that takes more work than you think it should.

Or you are not achieving goals though you know you’re talented and capable.

Maybe you’re stuck at a major fork in the road and need help finding your path.

Imagine feeling acceptance and compassion for your appearance, your life choices, and your present moment. What difference would that make in your life?


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Supporting you to live your best life.

Our life’s work is helping you create your life.

It’s deeply fulfilling to watch clients learn how to love themselves as much as they love others, to see them learn to show loving kindness to their bodies, their anxieties, and their flaws. So many researchers, social scientists, and philosophers have spent their whole adult lives finely examining the human experience. They have given us tools that we will use to help you live with compassion for yourself and others, and to experience calmness and joy.

Our therapists have experience in a variety of professional settings with diverse people. We look forward to meeting you, and matching you up with the therapist best suited to your needs!

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What is Mindfulness?

We’ve heard the term, but what does it mean? Paying attention in a certain way: on purpose, in the present-moment, non-judgementally. It includes formal and informal practices: sitting and walking meditation, mindful movement like gentle yoga, or something as simple as brushing your teeth. Anything can be done mindfully. The…
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The Power of Kindness…to Ourselves

Self-compassion is simple to implement. Like anything new, it may feel strange at first, but with practice you can develop more ability to free yourself from the expectations of perfection, and live your life with fearlessness and fun!

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Silhouette of a young mother lovingly holding hands with her happy little child while holding his baby brother outside in front of a sunset in the sky.


My children were building Lego the other day… each in unique ways. One was following directions, able to visualize all sides of the structure without moving it or the instructions (a skill I seriously lack). The other was building his own design from “the blueprint in my mind.”  As they…
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To be loved is to be seen.

To be loved is to be seen. In honing our ability to shed the masks of who we assume we need to be to earn acceptance and love, we inevitably attract and invite love into our lives. This is essential, especially for those of us who have had more than…
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Is your therapy working for you?

“So,” I ask, as Suzanne and I both settle into our seats in my office, “how was your week?” “Oh, I forgot!” she exclaims, and pulls out her phone.  I pull mine out too. This isn’t the 21st century getting in the way of therapy, it’s taking therapy to the…
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