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Student Therapists


skillfully support clients with a wide range of concerns

flexible availability, often within the week

gain additional perspectives & develop further insights within supervision

may shift or pause availability after practicum completion

sessions pre-paid out of pocket

manual reimbursement dependant on benefit provider policies

significantly reduced rates

[$60/$80 for individuals or couples, respectively]

Registered Psychologists


registered with the provincial regulatory body

expanded therapeutic skilset, refined & developed

through advanced trainings and years of experience

direct billing may be accessible

[regular rate is $200]

discover support that


with your path forward

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Student Therapists offer affordable therapy as they refine their skills within key areas of passion.

Janelle Cooper — Student Therapist

Creating a space of safety and openness is at the centre of Janelle’s counselling approach. Join them in a collaborative process where you are the expert of your life, and explore areas of importance to you together while emphasizing your strengths and what is already working to further expand upon this. Janelle’s intention is to help you access the tools and wisdom already within and around you, as you venture together toward more healing and wholeness. Rooted in feminism and valuing social justice, they is passionate about equitable care. Janelle is especially interested in navigating topics that are often taboo or stigmatized in the majority culture, with overarching interests in relationships, gender, sexuality, Indigenous issues, grief and loss, and healing trauma.

With a holistic approach to counselling that incorporates aspects of solution-focused therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), somatic work, and mindfulness, Janelle works with people of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship structures, ethnicities, and cultures. They are currently accepting clients to begin counselling, with a special interest in providing accessible poly-friendly counselling!

“I value honour, humility and humour.”

Experience the ease

that comes naturally

with knowing

you’re well supported.

Kirsten Kachuk — Registered Psychologist

An invaluable resource to clients who are keen to uncover their best life, Kirsten partners with her clients to catalyze meaningful shifts in their lives by connecting with purpose, nurturing strong relationships, and strengthening emotion regulation. She joins clients in exploring how we see ourselves in light of the constructs and social contexts we are immersed in throughout our lives, and brings appreciation to how our truths are woven from our unique experiences and perspectives. Her clients include individuals, couples, families, teens, and those nurturing connections ranging from romantic relationships to business partnerships.

Kirsten draws upon Emotion Focused Therapy to guide her client’s in navigating emotions with increased confidence and explores personally meaningful stories through Narrative Therapy. She grounds her work in a solid appreciation of attachment theory, with over two decades of experience offering therapy as a Marriage and Family Therapist, over a decade of experience as a psychologist, and a handful of years partnering with clients and facilitating Women’s Boundary Groups with LifeRoots.

“Healthy boundaries are the fertile ground that bring forth deep, fulfilling intimate connections in our lives.”

Lindsay Redman — Registered Psychologist

Lindsay is passionate about taking time to explore your inner experience. Whether this means being present for emotion, honouring your stories or memories, exploring the patterns that arise for you as you connect with yourself or others in your life, or acknowledging physical sensations that ebb and flow through your body, she views all aspects of our experience and the perspectives we hold, as a rich paths toward growth and connection.

She attentively adjusts the pace and focus ongoing within her client sessions, guiding curiosity to flow, making space for insight to arrive naturally, and providing opportunities to shift and feel through emotions gently, in real-time. Her clients are making time to invite further connection into their lives in numerous ways, including artistic pursuits, career exploration, parenting, and romantic and/ or sexual partnerships.

Lindsay enjoys connecting with clients exploring their relationship with neurodiversity, sexuality, gender, kink, and relationship styles including polyamory and relationship anarchy, whether these are aspects of your life that you would like to bring active focus to within your sessions, or if these are simply peripheral details you’d like your therapist to have some base understanding around.

“We naturally experience growth when met with presence and connection.”

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