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Lindsay Redman [she/ her/ they/ them]

Registered Psychologist

Lindsay is currently accepting new clients located in Alberta for online counselling.

Passionate about exploration of inner experiences as valuable paths toward growth and opportunities to deepen connection to self and others, Lindsay draws upon Somatic Experiencing as a base for her eclectic trauma-informed approach. She invites the wisdom of your body/ nervous system to join in a healing conversation, supportively joining you in acknowledging ideas, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations—impulses to move, the full gamut—and in doing so makes space to allow for these states and ways of knowing to naturally shift where they may.

Attentively adjusting the pace and focus of sessions moment-to-moment, guiding curiosity to flow and allowing time for insights to appear; providing opportunities to shift and feel through emotions gently, in real-time, Lindsay supports deepening connections in numerous aspects of life including creative and artistic pursuits, career exploration, processing grief, relationship with movement/ play/ rest, and meaningful relationships with others.

Lindsay is passionate about hearing those who are starting to give voice to layers of their story, exploring and finding new words and ways to express hopes for the future. They have experience working collaboratively with clients within a feminist, poly / queer friendly, neurodiversity and gender affirming counselling approach.

“Presence and connection
lead to growth.”

Experience the ease

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Kirsten Kachuk [she/ her]

Registered Psychologist

Kirsten is currently at full capacity with a waitlist.

An invaluable resource to clients who are keen to uncover their best life, Kirsten partners with her clients to catalyze meaningful shifts in their lives by connecting with purpose, nurturing strong relationships, and strengthening emotion regulation. She joins clients in exploring how we see ourselves in light of the constructs and social contexts we are immersed in throughout our lives, and brings appreciation to how our truths are woven from our unique experiences and perspectives. Her clients include individuals, couples, families, teens, and those nurturing connections ranging from romantic relationships to business partnerships.

Kirsten draws upon Emotion Focused Therapy to guide her client’s in navigating emotions with increased confidence and explores personally meaningful stories through Narrative Therapy. She grounds her work in a solid appreciation of attachment theory, with over two decades of experience offering therapy as a Marriage and Family Therapist, over a decade of experience as a psychologist, and a handful of years partnering with clients and facilitating Women’s Boundary Groups with LifeRoots.

“Healthy boundaries are the fertile ground that bring forth deep, fulfilling intimate connections in our lives.”

You are also welcome to request thoughtful referrals to alternate therapists in the community.

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